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Who Are We

DeCloud Foundation to create a capital fund for launching Web3 tools and protocols to grow the StackOS ecosystem

We, at the DeCloud Foundation, believe in a future that is decentralized, free, and censorship-resistant. We also believe that the biggest success in this space will be seen by organizations that provide the key tools to build this future. 


DeCloud Foundation is committed to pushing forward the DeCloud narrative and revolutionizing the world. We are funding an ecosystem of closely integrated Web3 protocols and tools that will be using StackOS’ decentralized infrastructure. Projects that are being funded are creating essential tools to migrate Web2 organizations to Web3 while also offering Web3 organizations access to cutting-edge tools to propel them to the next level.


With this in mind, we are extremely delighted to announce that DeCloud Foundation will soon be funding a suite of projects which will be a part of the larger DeCloud ecosystem and powered by StackOS’ unstoppable DeCloud. All these projects will be built to solve specific issues that are currently plaguing the Web3 world.


As part of our partnership with StackOS, we intend to raise funds to create a capital fund with $STACK tokens and StackOS Node NFTs which will be used towards the projects on DeCloud Foundation’s Launchpad. In this one-time opportunity, we are inviting the community to lock-in their subscribed Node NFTs for 18 months; and in exchange of the HYP rewards and vested HYP payments you would be eligible to receive private-round allocation in the launch of the new projects.


Any subscribed Node NFT is permitted to lock-in, i.e. they must be in the subscribed state (Node NFTs with withdrawn HYP payments will NOT be eligible). The subscribed Node NFT holders who contribute to the fund will receive fully paid allocation in the private rounds of those projects in a ratio of their locked-in capital to the of capital injected by the DeCloud Foundation.


What is in it for you?

This is an amazing opportunity to get into the private rounds and have a bigger exposure to WEB3 tooling products and protocols. Such opportunities are usually only open to Venture Capital firms. You lock in the USD equivalent of STACK even though they are not vested currently and thus can invest without having to sell STACK rewards.


If you have the subscribed Node NFTs that you are not able to pay further, you can lock-in those for 18 months (which you can get back) and in exchange of the HYP bonus and the vested subscription payments rewards accumulated you would be eligible for private-round allocation in the launch of the new projects. – JUST REMEMBER, DO NOT WITHDRAW FROM HYP :) 



1. Allocation percentage in the private rounds of the project will be offered in exchange for the HYP bonus (both vested and unvested) locked in the Node NFT, and the vested subscription payments.

2. You can claim back your Node NFTs after 18 months while the HYP bonus and Vested STACK payments would be utilized to pay for the allocations. 

3. The allocations will be spread out between multiple projects creating diversification of allocations and rewards. The funding decisions will be solely in the hands of the DeCloud Foundation or the StackOS DAO.

4. Participating in this program will also whitelist the participants for a certain amount of extra allocation, based on the number of locked subscribed Node NFTs. This is an optional additional allocation that one can choose to invest with their own stable coins. The terms & conditions for these will be decided by the project.

5. The more subscribed Node NFTs with the HYP Rewards and vested subscription fees, the more their allocation. (Note: Node NFTs of all generations are treated equally.)


​6. We intentionally are not providing info of the projects being bootstrapped since there is always imitation and want to provide them the advantage of first entry.

7. While there will be heavy due diligence done by the DeCloud Foundation, there is a risk around every project in the crypto space, so, please participate carefully and understand the risks involved.


8. The value of the $STACK, which decides the allocation for the user, will be based on the last possible day to lock the Node NFTs. The tentative plan is to close it by end of Aug 2022.

9. Update - 4th Aug, 2022:

"Individuals can now deposit 10 eligible Node NFTs or more and avail 100% in allocation with DeCloud Launchpad without incurring any tax.

End of the program will display the entire rewards."

Further terms and conditions will be declared at the time of the Node NFT staking contract going live. At the time of receiving allocation, participants will have to undergo and pass the  KYC in accordance with Anti Money Laundering laws. If not passed participants will not be eligible to receive the allocation.


The members of the DeCloud Foundation, with their deep understanding and expertise, will use the raised capital to fund projects that will truly push the DeCloud narrative to the mainstream. 


Calculation example:


HYP bonus (both vested and unvested) = 8000 $STACK
Vested subscription payments of each Node NFT = 10000 $STACK

Let's say that the value of STACK on 25th July = $0.04


Then the total value of your allocation is going to be: $0.04 x 18000 = $720


Let's assume the total funds in the pool from everyone is $500,000


In this example let’s say DeCloud Foundation is investing in a project = $250,000.

The allocation you will get in this project is going to be: (250,000/500,000) x 720 = $360


In a similar manner, you will receive allocations until your investable value hits zero.


All teams are working incredibly hard to develop this innovative program to provide more value to the believers and supporters of DeCloud while growing the StackOS ecosystem.



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